If the RapidDox app is stuck and you are unable to process any workbook/files, please follow the below steps.


Step 1. Please uninstall RapidDox by going to "Add or Remove Programs".

Step 2. Open Windows Explorer and browse to the below folder path: 

a. C:\Users\<Your Windows User Name / ID>\AppData\Roaming\Factual Soft\ 

If you do not see the AppData folder, you might have to unhide it on windows explorer.

b. Delete the folder named “RapidDox”.

Step 3. Install RapidDox again.  If you haven't already, please log in to the customer portal and download the latest copy.

Step 4. Open the RapidDox application.  

Step 5. When prompted, provide your credentials.

Enabling and Sharing the RapidDox Error Log

In some rare scenarios, the RapidDox Desktop Application gets stuck or breaks in the middle of generating documentation for a file. This could be due to various reasons. For e.g, from time to time, when Tableau or Microsoft changes the format of their metadata files, RapidDox application code will also need to change accordingly to generate the documentation correctly.  In these situations, it is possible that the application will break or get stuck.

The RapidDox application comes with a configuration on the Settings page to enable writing the errors to a log file, which can then be shared with our product team to help them identify and fix the problem.

Follow the steps below to enable error logging and to share the log file with the support team.

Enable Error Logging

  • Click on the Settings link on the Left Hand Side navigation menu.
  • Check the checkbox that says “Enable Error Logging” as shown below.

  • Click on Home and then process the file that results in the problem as usual.
  • Go to the below folder after replacing <<yourusername>> with your local machine’s user name,
    • On Windows, go to C:\Users\<<yourusername>>\AppData\Local\RapidDox
    • On macOS, go to /Users/<<yourusername>>/Library/Preferences/Rapiddox
  • In this folder, you will find the file rapiddox.log
  • Share that file with our support team through a ticket.
  • IMPORTANT: Please disable the error logging by unticking the box in the settings tab.  Leaving the error logging on will slow down the performance of the RapidDox app.