In some cases, your RapidDox desktop app might not be able to download the latest version automatically.  You may see an error "unable to automatically upgrade to version x.xx. Contact customer support".  

Please follow the below steps to capture the logs.

Enable Error Logging

  • Click on the Settings link on the Left Side navigation menu.
  • Check the checkbox that says “Enable Error Logging” as shown below.

  • Please enter your credentials when prompted.
  • Go to the below folder after replacing <<yourusername>> with your local machine’s user name,
    • On Windows, go to C:\Users\<<yourusername>>\AppData\Local\RapidDox
    • On macOS, go to /Users/<<yourusername>>/Library/Preferences/Rapiddox
  • In this folder, you will find the file rapiddox.log
  • Share that file with our support team through a ticket.

IMPORTANT: Please disable the error logging by unticking the box in the settings tab.  Leaving the error logging on will slow down the performance of the RapidDox app.