With RapidDox BulkPro, you have the capability to seamlessly ingest Tableau metadata into your chosen database. This enables you to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the effects and influences on your upstream changes. In essence, you can harness the power of Tableau metadata to gain insights and make informed decisions regarding your data ecosystem and its impacts on your operations.

To enable RapidDox BulkPro to establish a connection and ingest metadata into your target database, it is imperative to create a user ID within the database. This user should be endowed with the necessary privileges to create databases, tables, and execute insert, update, and delete operations on those tables.

BulkPro currently provides support for MySQL, MS SQL Server, and PostGres databases. After creating the user ID in your target database, execute the following command via the CLI to configure the database with RapidDox.

Running the configure command will set up a schema or database named "rapiddoxdb" and create the necessary tables within it. Passwords provided during configuration are encrypted and stored securely on your local system.


rapiddox configmysqldb -h <<hosturl>> -u <<dbusername>> -p  <<dbpassword>>


rapiddox configmysqldb -h localhost:3306 -u rapiddoxdbuser –p dsds!@123S&^

MS SQL Server
rapiddox configmssqldb -h <<hosturl>> -u <<dbusername>> -p <<dbpassword>>


rapiddox configmssqldb -h localhost:1433 -u rapiddoxdbuser –p dsds!@123S&^


rapiddox configpostgresdb -h <<hosturl>> -u <<dbusername>> -p <<dbpassword>>


rapiddox configpostgresdb -h localhost:5432 -u rapiddoxdbuser –p dsds!@123S&^