Scheduling RapidDox BulkPro with Crontab offers numerous advantages for documentation and Tableau metadata export processing automation. Crontab, a scheduling tool, enables tasks to be executed automatically at specific times or intervals, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and flexibility in your workflow.  Additionally, you can prioritize tasks and reduce labor costs, making it a cost-effective and reliable solution.

We have provided you with an example of how to schedule BulkPro processing with Crontab below.


Run a BulkPro batch job that would source the files from a folder /home/ec2-user/source, process, and export the PDF files to a folder location /home/ec2-user/output at 6 AM every day, follow below steps.

Open your command line and type the following command to open the cron editor:

crontab -e

In the cron editor, add the following command and save the entry:

00 06 * * * /usr/local/bin/rapiddox start -s /home/ec2-user/source -f pdf -o /home/ec2-user/output 2>&1 > /home/ec2-user/rapiddox-cron.log

The following command enables real-time viewing of RapidDox logs as they are updated in the rapiddox-cron.log file. The log file contains information about processed files, job counts, total job numbers, and the completion percentage.

tail –f /home/ec2-user/rapiddox-cron.log