Step 1: Create a User ID in Tableau Server

Please follow the regular process to create a generic user ID in the Tableau server for RapidDox application to connect and source metadata of the Tableau workbooks.

Step 2: Configure Tableau Server within RapidDox App

To facilitate the direct download of workbooks from the Tableau server, it is imperative to configure the Tableau server within the RapidDox BulkPro application. Please execute the following command on the server where BulkPro has been installed:.

rapiddox tableau config -h <<hosturl>> -u <<username>> -p <<password>>

-h <<hosturl>>

Full path to the Tableau Server URL.


-u <<username>>

The username of the Tableau Server user.


-p <<password>>

The password of the Tableau Server user.


rapiddox tableau config –h -u tableau-user –p password

Running the above config command will setup the BulkPro application to connect to the Tableau Server with URL using the username tableau-user.