If you encounter any issues with the provided commands during your file processing and need to troubleshoot, you can run the below command to enable debug logging.  The logs are saved to a file for further analysis. Here's how to enable debug logging and store the logs in a file:


Add the -D flag to enable debug logging in the command. Redirect both standard output and standard error to the log file using the following syntax:


rapiddox start -D -s /home/ec2-user/source -f pdf -o /home/ec2-user/output 2>&1 | tee /home/ec2-user/rapiddox-debug.log



This command will run with debug logging enabled, and all logs will be saved to the specified file /home/ec2-user/rapiddox-debug.log.


You can then share the contents of the /home/ec2-user/rapiddox-debug.log file with the support team for further investigation and troubleshooting of any issues you may be experiencing.


The same can be done with the other types of commands as well.